experts in minimally invasive spine surgery

experts in minimally invasive spine surgery

Narcotic (Opioid) Medication Policy Agreement

The best practice of Neurosurgery recognizes that patients undergoing operative procedures will require narcotic pain medications in the post-operative period. In most cases, prescribed pain medications are decreased after the first 4 – 8 weeks post-op, and discontinued during the 12th – 16th week.

It is also best practice for any physician to only provide medications at the dosage and frequency appropriate for the patient based on an examination, a review of other medications being used (including those over-the-counter), and consideration of other factors such as patient compliance with the treatment. 

When Axis prescribes medications with a high degree of risk to the patient, such as narcotics, it is also best practice to balance the control of pain against the risk of addiction and misuse. 

To insure that we, as the provider, and you as the patient, understand how our practice will insure high quality and safety in the prescribing of narcotics, both parties will need to adhere to a “contract” for narcotic pain medications. This contract can be viewed here, and will be signed by both the provider and the patient.