experts in minimally invasive spine surgery

experts in minimally invasive spine surgery

Important Information for Your Visit


Co-Pays, Deductibles, Co-Insurance or Self Pay Fees are expected at the time of appointment. If you cannot make your appointment we require at least 24-hour notice so that we can give your appointment to another patient who may be waiting, Failure to cancel in advance may result in you (not your insurance) being billed for the missed appointment


Please be sure to visit with your primary care or any physician who has treated you for this condition or a similar condition AND sign an authorization to send your medical records to our office (see the addresses above). If you have had any previous surgeries related to your visit to us, please be sure to bring the surgical reports with you to your visit or have them sent in advance to the office noted above.


Most facilities only have capability to give CD's to our patients  So, if  ANY testing has been done, Please bring all Imaging CD's to office appointments.